What is Google AdSense?

 What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an affiliate program for website owners Internet, webmasters, called in the nomenclature of Google”Publishers”. The remuneration system for participant/publisher is based on two systems. First cost-per-click (CPC stands for. Cost Per Click – means the price which the advertiser pays per click on a link to his site).Remember that Google will pay you only when a user clicks on advertising on your pages. Some people mistakenly believe that you can earn an income with AdSense only for views. This is not true. The level of your income is  closely linked
to audience site. Pages with high viewership generate high income. It may be enough for decent life.

Who can become a partner AdSense?

The program can proceed, in principle, each holder of the page site. Google, however, proceed editors verification before your account will be activated. Let me tell you now what is not tolerated and what Google does not accept as a content on the pages of its partners:
The page can not contain:
In terms of content:
• Excessive blasphemy;
• Hate, violence, racial intolerance, with content against specific persons, groups of persons or organizations;
• Information about hacking or cracking;
• Information about drugs and related accessories;
• Pornography, adult content;
• Gambling;
• Any other content that promotes illegal activity, or whoin any way violates the law;
• Excessive advertising (ie. The dump banners);
• pop-ups, or closing pages, hindering navigation, obstructs Google ads, changing User settings or downloaded files;
• Excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant advertisingin the content or code of web pages;
• deceptive or manipulated the content or design of the site, improving PageRank.

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