Techniques alternative to search engine optimization

Techniques alternative to search engine optimization

The Internet is not just a search engine. If our goal is merely to achieve a certain level of traffic, there are many ways to achieve this goal. Techniques alternative to search engine optimization can be divided into two main categories: technology online and offline. The former are in the form of sponsored banner, and the latter takes the form of traditional marketing efforts.

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Sponsored banners (or links)

Sponsored Links may be very carefully selected and generate high quality traffic to the advertised website, which often surpassed the quality will be generated by the search engine. If the conversion rate of network traffic generated by sponsored links generates profits, there is no reason to give up their Finishing-abuse;.
The core organic search engine optimization is a natural acquisition links. Paid links are generally recognized by the search engine algorithms for noise. Google broadest in-forms of sponsored links. If a website uses sponsored links, Google wants to make sure that their crawler will not take them into account.
The task of managing a party is to make sure that the sponsored links are marked with nofollow attributes. Otherwise, such party may be punished. In dal¬szych parts of this book nofollow tag topics and sponsored links will be further explained.

Traditional Marketing

Many books describe traditional marketing mechanisms, so this book will not focus on them. However, engaging in optimization plan for wyszukiawarek, you should be aware of all the promotional activities that the company performs. The URL should appear on all materials and in all advertising media. Otherwise, it will be a big loss.

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