Positioning of the page and code optimization

Positioning of the page and code optimization for search engines is action of constructing such a site to web that search engines will place it on the the highest position after entering respectively phrase chosen by user of search engine.
Good position in the search engine page is one of the most important things in terms of e-commerce, and can provide the company a huge success. Already in the phase of design  the constructors should think about
positioning. Good design of the page from the beginning will help you in process of positioning. Making correction after is much harder and may cause bigger problem. It’s better to do it at the beginning. For positioning effects sometimes you have to wait a very long time, even several months.Internet search engines are very clever programs that are hard to manipulate. Many people offers a very cheap deals positioning, which unfortunately is not always the best idea, because we run into people,that use spamming techniques, inconsistent with the search engines, which can result in complete removal of pages from the search engine.Advice in blog are compatible with search engines. By following my advice,  for the effects of positioning you will have to wait, but it certainly will not be removed from the search for illegal techniques. More about position on site my SEO.